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Our farm is located on the top of the hill of San Quintino, 8 km from San Miniato, 44 from Pisa, and 35 from Florence. Founded in 1967, the estate now comprises 200 hectares, of which 20 are of vineyards; the remaining part is covered by fields, olive groves and groves of trees. The area's wines have been renowned since ancient times (relevant records in the Vatican archives go back to 1508), such as the classic Tuscan extravirgin olive oil.

Soon after leaving San Miniato and descending into the valley of the Ensi river, the massive San Quintino hill will be standing directly opposite. Its slopes gently declining into the valleys of the Ensi, the Pilerno, and the Pilernaccio separate it quite distinctly from the nearby hills. After crossing the Ensi, the road that ascends to the top of the hill gradually reveals a vision of olive trees and extensive vineyards that cover the slopes and the valleys below, broken only in the steepest sections by scrub woods that are the haunt of the local game.


The replanting of the vineyards has currently involved 80% of the total area. Two more years are expected to pass complete the project, so that the total productive capacity of 150.000 bottles will be reached in five years. In addition to the types of wines currently produced, we are carrying out field trials and microvinifications in the cellar with native grape varieties.
Our up-to-date system of replanting, as well as new technical cellar equipments, demonstrate our determination to follow the philosophy of absolute quality, with full respect for ancient traditions.